Singapore Silat Federation (SSF)’s new logo features a traditional emblem of Pencak Silat, that is The Tanjak, in two (2) forms.

The Tanjak by itself symbolises a crown - a sign of reverence, respect and honour.  When worn, it will incite a spirit of heroism, courage and gallantry.

  • The multi-coloured tanjak on top is drawn in its purest traditional entirety, depicting the historical significance as a time-honoured Malay headwear for men, often associated with palace royals, martial art exponents and currently still worn in various Malay cultural ceremonies and celebrations. 
  • Its multi-colored facet symbolizes SSF’s vision, that is, Pencak Silat, to be a mainstream and widely participated sport in multi-racial Singapore. It also embodies SSF’s mission, that is, promoting Pencak Silat as a wholesome sport for ALL.
  • The “ikatan” or the binding of the tanjak itself epitomises strength of togetherness and unity that provides the unbreakable bond against any challenges in the future.
  • The solid gold anchor represents the golden ray of the sun - a beacon - in line with SSF’s mission to be the beacon for Pencak Silat in Singapore. It also symbolizes success. Gold for SSF signifies a measure of quality and excellence, and SSF’s aim to be best of the best, setting gold standards, contributing of regional and international awards and accolades to Singapore Sports.
  • The stealth black accent signifies the traditional colour of the garb of Pencak Silat. The colour evokes an aura of mystery and air of invincibility for martial arts exponents. In short, it represents “Kepahlawan” – Valour. It also denotes strength and resilience. Resilience is one of the core values of SSF.
  • The fiery red uprising represents smouldering passion. The smouldering passion for Pencak Silat. It denotes living with a beating heart throbbing for healthy competition, aligned with SSF’s mission to nurture those with attributes for “competitive silat” to realise their maximum potential.
  • The spectrum of colours from red to brown denotes the age spectrum of which Pencak Silat is being practiced here. Pencak Silat is being introduced to kids as young as three (3) years old in SSF through a programme called Singa Cub and is practiced till the “grey” generation in our programme called LIFE.  The spectrum is parallel to the notion of the development, progression and maturing of its practitioners. 
  • The white in-betweens symbolize that amidst the competitiveness and hunt for glory, Pencak Silat will always be accentuated and practiced with purity, kindness, goodness and integrity. One of the core values of SSF – Integrity – SSF aims to maintain high moral principles and set professional standards, in gamesmanship and officiating, for the Silat within the community and in the international arena.
  • The abstract portray of the tanjak in grey as a backdrop combined with the name of the Federation in clean-lines, illustrates that the Federation is looking ahead to the future with a modern approach and endeavours to be professional - Aligning the world of Pencak Silat to the corporate world.

Use of Logo:

  • Colours to Printer: CMYK
    • To be used as official logo in all Silat uniforms
    • To be used as official logo in all corporate matters such as stationery, official signatory matters and official merchandise

The Alternative arrangement of the logo represents the need for the time-honoured traditions and culture of Pencak Silat and to go hand-in-hand with the innovative and up-to-date ways of modern sports so that Pencak Silat will always stay relevant.

Use of Logo:

  • Colours to Printer: CMYK
    • To be used as alternative logo, if so required, such as on corporate and/ or event merchandise, such as on the collar of Tees, etc.