Name of Organisation:

Singapore Silat Federation


7 Bedok North Street 2,
Unit 02-01, 01-01
Singapore 469646


Contact Information

Name of Contact Person: Nur Asiah Arshad

Telephone No : 67418837

Fax No: 67493210

Email Address:

Web-site Address:



Charity Status


Charity Regn No: NA

Charity Regn Date: NA


Constitution: <Society>

Date of Establishment: 25 June 1976

ROS/RCB Regn No: 0138/76


IPC Status


Effective Date : 01/04/2008 -31/03/2010



A Member of the Donation and Contribution Fund for Sports



To promote Silat as a sport that can be played by every segment of the community regardless of race or culture.


Mission :

PERSISI is committed to bring Silat to new heights of sporting excellence, and in the process, to nurture every Silat athlete to realize his or her maximum potential. It is also dedicated to encourage Silat as a sport that can be played by every segment of the community in Singapore regardless of race or culture and to promote it as a popular, healthy and interesting activity.

Vision :


To be the top Asian country in competitive Silat.



*     For  year (Apr 2007 to Mar 2008)
*     Apr       - Belgian Open Pencak Silat Championship 2007
                       Gayong Malaysia Open Silat Championship, Malaysia
*     May      -Friendly Trials with Palembang Team
*     Jun-Jul- National Pencak Silat Championship (PSK) 2007
                      Inter-varsity Silat Championship 2007
                      International Artistic Coaching Course, Singapore
                      5th SIJORI Silat Championship 2007
                      Malaysian Schools Pencak Silat Championship, Msia
*     Aug      - Press Conference “Silat Goes Global”, Silat Centre
                      Launch of “Silat Goes to School”
*     Sep      - Breaking-of-fast session with SSF Patrons and 
                     Advisors and members of the Diplomatic Corp
*     Oct      - 9th World Pencak Silat Championship 2007, Kuantan
*     Dec      - 24th SEA Games, Bangkok, Thailand
*     Feb      - 1st All Women International Pencak Silat 
                      Championship 2008, Singapore

*     For  last year (Apr 2008 to Mar 2009)
*     Apr      -14th Belgian Open Pencak Silat C'ship, Brasschaat, Belgium
                     1st SEA Pencak Silat C'ship, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
                     SMCCI - SSF Banquet                        
*    May      - France Junior Open Silat C'ship,  Savingy, France
*    Jun-Jul  - National Pencak Silat Championship 2008 (PSK) 2008
                       Sentel Powerr Movie Premiere
*    Aug       -  Asian Halal Food Expo 2008 & Mega Big Bazaar,
                       National Level Pencak Silat Competition for School and International Invitation,
                       Kelang, Selangor, Malaysia
*   Oct         -  1st Asian Silat Beach Games, Bali, Indonesia
*   Jan         - Ignition '09
*   Mar        -  3rd I'ntl Paris Open Pencak Silat C'ship, Paris, France
                       Integration towards Community in Sports (ICS)
                       Yummy Briyani Amal

*     For  current year (Apr 2009 to Mar 2010)
*   June       - National Pencak Silat Championship 2008 (PSK) 2009 &
                      Singa Silat / Cub Competition
*   Aug        - 1st ASIAN Martial Arts Games, Bangkok, Thailand
*   Oct-Nov -3rd ASIAN Indoor Games, Hanoi, Vietnam
*   Dec        - 25th SEA Games, Vientiane, Laos



Patrons :  Patron-In-Chief –Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, Speaker of Parliament and MP East Coast GRC 
Advisor-In-Chief – Dr. Faishal Muhammad Ibrahim, MP Marine Parade GRC Advisor – Dr Fatimah Abdul Lateef, MP Marine Parade GRC Mr. Lim Biow Chuan, MP Marine Parade GRC
Trustees/Board Members : President – Mr Abdullah Shafiie Mohamed Sidik, BBM Dep. President 1– Mr Amran Md Haji                                               Dep. President 2– Abdul Halim Bin Abdul Kader                                                Secretary General – Mdm Isiah Majjid Asst Secretary General – Sa'adiah Binte Sanuse                                                Treasurer –Mdm Kamariah Binte Hosni
                                         Asst. Treasurer – Mdm Dzulkarnain Bin Noordin Committee Members – Mohd Shah Bin Hashim – Khamis Bin Suni
Tuah Bin Hashim – Harrywanto Bin Mameni – Mohd Isa Bin Buang – Razali Bin Sairi – Mohd Iskandar Bin Hosni – Mohamad Yusof Bin Mohamad
– Mohamed Ramli Bin Awi Internal Auditor 1 – Azmi Bin Misman Internal Auditor 2 – Siti Aminah Binte Haji Ahmad
Key Employees : Chief Executive Director - Mr Sheik Alau'ddin Yaacoob Marican, PBM Auditor : S B Tan & Co.