Safe Sport Unified Code

Date: 2021-04-19

Safe Sport has emerged as an area of great concern globally as sporting organizations step up the fight against abuse, harassment and neglect.

Recently, the launch of a Safe Sport Programme, was announced in at the Parliamentary Committee of Supply Debate (Yahoo News, CNA, Today) to assist organizations through 3 key actions - Prevent, Address, Assure.

Learn more through the Quick Guide attached.

The community-consulted Safe Sport Unified Code will harmonize:
• the definitions for inappropriate behaviors in the sporting environment
• case management process and procedures

All participants in sport, including athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, have a right to engage in Safe Sport. In 2018, Sport Singapore (SportSG) embarked on a multi-agency collaborative effort by launching the Safe Sport Commission and made a rallying call for the sporting fraternity to collectively safeguard sport.

In consultation with the International Olympic Committee and local authorities, SportSG and the Safe Sport Commission has developed policies and guidelines aimed towards eradicating harassment and abuse in sport. This includes establishing a reporting process for Safe Sport - related matters and providing awareness programme to ensure the public is kept informed and updated of the available support.

The Safeguarding Officer is responsible for ensuring the necessary safeguarding policies are enforced and maintained. For Singapore Silat Federation, we have appointed the following officer;
1. Mr. Noh Mohd Sharif
2. Madam Nurul Khairunnisa Azlani @ Fiona Azlani
And they are the first point-of-contact for anyone in need. For the process to report on any Safe Sport Pencak Silat related matters, you can submit the report officially via this email -

Quick Guide Safe Sport Unified Code.pdf