SG Silat Safe Management Officer

Date: 2021-10-14

When Singapore was hit with COVID-19 early last year, a lot of protocols, guidelines and safety measures were implemented as one of the efforts to ensure its citizen able to resume to its normal daily life.

Singapore Silat Federation have put in place our own Safe Management Measures in line with MOM and SportSG guidelines at the workplace in order for us to resume our business activities. One of the requirements for us to resume our business is to appoint a Safe Management Officer (SMO) to assist in the implementation and coordination of the system of Safe Management Measures at the workplace.

The duties of the SMO will include the following:
a. To coordinate implementation of Safe Management Measures, which includes identifying relevant risks, recommending and assisting in implementing measures to mitigate the risks, and communicating the measures to all personnel working in the workplace.
b. To conduct inspections and checks to ensure compliance at all times and to report and document any non-compliance found during the inspections.
c. To take immediate action to remedy any non-compliance found during the inspections.
d. To keep records of inspections and checks conducted and corrective actions taken. The records shall be made available upon request by a Government inspector.

Singapore Silat Federation has appointed our own Mr. Noh Mohd Sharif (Project Manager & National Coach) as the Safe Management Officer as the one to coordinate on any COVID-19 safe management protocols and guidelines.

Should you need further clarification on our safe management measure, you can contact Mr. Noh at