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Coaches are the driving force behind the development and success of our athletes. No athlete, no matter how talented, can achieve success without the guidance and support of their coaches.

There are more than 15 Silat clubs in Singapore, most of which are affiliated to Singapore Silat Federation. In each clubs, there are individuals who dedicated their time and effort to coach and build aspiring Silat athletes, either to train them for wellness or to work towards being part of the National Team.

Singapore Silat Federation strives to help these individuals to be well rounded coaches and build pathways to develop them to the best of their ability.


Ethic refers to the generally accepted norms or wrong behaviour, often based on universal values. Ethics is not is it meant to be legalistic. One of the attributes of a profession is that the practitioners subscribe to and enforce ethical codes, which will help to demonstrate their commitment to providing quality services and expertise.

Coaches, due to their close interaction with athletes, exposure to the public, and the strong pressure to win, are vulnerable to various forms of ethical issues. If coaching is to be recognized as a profession, it is important that there exists a code of ethics for coaches.

By adhering to a code of ethics, would minimize the likelihood of being accused of unacceptable behavior why projecting a sense of professionalism in their dealings with others.
The Coach’s Code of Ethics aims to:
  1. Provide an ethical framework that would guide coaches in determining appropriate behaviors
  2. Raise the status of coaching as a vocation
  3. Facilitate the self-regulation of coaching standards by coaches and consumers of coaching services by telling the public what is expected of coaches
  4. Communicate to the public the professional attitude of registered NROC coaches, thereby encouraging greater confidence in these coaches
Key Principles of the Coach’s Code of Ethics
Three broad principles form the framework for the coach’s code of ethics and are illustrated by a list of key ethical standards related to coaching.

  1. Respect for Individuals
  2. Responsible Coaching
  3. Integrity in Actions

National Registry of Coaches (NROC)

*Please refer to Sport Singapore website on NROC or click the following link:
The National Registry of Coaches (NROC) was launched in 2003 to raise the standard and professionalism of sports coaching in Singapore. It aims to ensure that coaches meet baseline qualifications, that coaches to practice and improve, and that coaches provide a safe environment for their athletes.

Coaches in NROC are duly certified under the Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme (formerly known as the National Coaching Accreditation Programme or NCAP) in their respective sports and must hold Standard First Aid certification (including CPR & AED). They are committed to abide by the Coach’s Code of Ethics and meet the requirements for the Continuing Coach Education Programme. This is part of the quality assurance to users of the coaching services that the coaches registered under NROC are up-to-date in coaching knowledge and skills.

Through NROC, Sport Singapore aims to give recognition to coaches who have been certified and deemed competent by a national body.

Requirements to join the NROC are as follows:

  1. Valid Standard First Aid (SFA) Certificate
  2. Basic Sport Science (BSS) Certificate
  3. SG-Coach Level 1 Pencak Silat Integrated certificate
Benefits for NROC Members (Coaches)
  1. Employment opportunities in organizations hiring NROC coaches only
  2. Eligible to sign up for CoachSG’s Continuing Coach Education (CCE) courses for free or at preferential rates
  3. Access to online coach profile, membership card and e-logbook
  4. Profile available for search in online database of NROC coaches
  5. Eligible to apply for Coach Capability Development Grant
  6. Eligible to book Sports Hub Library seminar rooms for discussions
  7. Exclusive invitation to special events
  8. Preferential rate for targeted workshops and courses
Benefits for Employers of NROC Coaches
  1. The NROC serves as a valuable guide, with a list of registered coaches of various sports for the public organizations who wish to select a certified coach to carry out coaching assignments
  2. The public can be assured that all registered coaches are duly certified and are required to abide to the Coach’s Code of Ethics
  3. Registered coaches are current in their knowledge and skills as these coaches are required to participate actively in Continuing Coach Education activities

Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme

The Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme is an enhanced training and development pathway for all coaches in the community, clubs or high-performance sport programmes. The aim is to establish a training and development system to develop high quality and professional coaches. Coaches trained in this programme will gain multi-dimensional skills in the area of sports science, coaching, life skills, evidence-based practices and will be able to promote social values and principles. The SG-Coach Programme replaces the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) since 27 March 2015. As all existing NCAP certificates remain valid, obtaining accreditation from NCAP to –Coach is NOT required.
The programme consists of 3 progressive phases targeted at various development levels (Community SG-Coach, Foundation SG-Coach Development and Master/Specialist SG-Coach) with 3 main components. These 3 components are:
  1. Sport Science
    Covers various disciplines of sports science such as psychology, nutrition, biomechanics, physiology and strength and conditioning
  2. Theory
    Covers the general principles of coaching such as sport pedagogy, fundamental movement skills, sport safety and management, effective communication, Singapore sports eco-system as well as teaching of values and principles
  3. Technical
    Covers sport-specific considerations such as sport demands, specific training methodologies, techniques and sport strategies

Programmes hosted by Singapore Silat Federation

  1. SG-Coach Level One
    Designed for individuals who wish to coach novice participants in community and/or youth sport
    *Not available yet.
  2. SG-Coach Level Two
    Designed for coaching competitive athletes in their early years of competition. Specialised topics in these courses include the development of annual periodization plans, training methodologies, test and measurement, sports science applications, social values and principles, and sport analyses
  3. Technical
    The individual would need to possess knowledge in sports science to apply evidence-based coaching. They would be training in multi-Year periodization planning, advanced sport analyses and training methodologies, performance tracking and analyses, international competition systems, and sports science applications. A significant portion of the modules will be taught through workshops, facilitation and mentorships with a National Coach. At this level, coaches may also opt to specialize in 1 or more of these 3 areas: (1) community sport; (2) performance sport and/or (3) para sport

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