International Pencak Silat Ranking System

Date: 2022-03-31

Objective of International Pencak Silat Ranking System
Since Pencak Silat was first established in an international competition in the 1980s, no proper ranking system was developed as a benchmark for the participants or athletes.

As years goes by, the sport was further improved and enhanced in accordance with the passage of time, just like any other martial arts in the world.

Some of the sports that have implemented ranking system are; Badminton, Football, Athletic, Tennis, Swimming, and many more.

Continuous improvements were seen in its International Pencak Silat Competition Rules and Regulations to be in par with the current trending and popularity of Mixed Martial Arts, where the sport enthusiasts are looking at full contact combat martial arts and incorporating various techniques and tactics from different martial arts.

For Pencak Silat, the importance of implementing Ranking System is to create professional standards and quality not only for the athletes but also for the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT). Next, by upholding the standards for Pencak Silat, the sport will be recognized internationally and increased the chances to be part of a competitive sport in the Olympic.

Lastly, by having Ranking System we will be able to see consistent achievements and making comparison on their abilities and performance for each participation.

The International Pencak Silat Ranking System was introduced also due to the new upgrades in the rules and regulations, and the continuation to diversify the sport and its gameplay. Plus, the international federation will be introducing new competitions on top of the Pencak Silat competition following the International Pencak Silat Competition Rules and Regulations, the new competitions are; Pencak Silat World Cup, Pencak Silat World League, World Open Freestyle Artistic Pencak Silat, Arena of Pendekar, the updated version or World Beach Pencak Silat, new Pencak Silat-A-Bility, and more to come.

8th SEA Pencak Silat Championship 2022 is the first event that kicked off for the Pencak Silat ranking system. Attached here are the full details for the athletes' achievements. Keep a lookout as it will be changes accordingly after every endorsed PERSILAT competitions.

31st SEA Games Vietnam_PS Ranking.pdf
8th SEA Pencak Silat Championship 2022_PS Ranking - protected.xlsx